The Plaza De Luna Memorial Monument in Pensacola, Florida

Plaza De Luna in Pensacola, Florida offers a beautiful opportunity to take part in the rich heritage of the Mexican culture in Florida. This monument is located at the Plaza de Luna. It serves as the final resting place of General Manuel Antonio Diaz Ordaz, born in Mexico but grew up in Florida. It has been said that this small park is one of the few in Florida to house a statue of the General who founded Florida. His statue is encased in a marble plaque that is displayed on the Plaza De Luna Park. It was designed by Jose P. Garza, who is the former director of parks for Pensacola, Florida, and his wife, Sonia. More about Pensacola, FL can be seen here.

Plaza De Luna Memorial Monument is just one more step towards the beautification of downtown Pensacola. This area of Pensacola, Florida, is being developed as a tourist destination, and as such, it has seen a great deal of development. There are already many hotels and restaurants available to cater to visitors’ needs to Pensacola, Florida. This project will hopefully add another landmark to this beautiful part of Pensacola, Florida. Click here to read about Pensacola Science Museum in Pensacola, Florida – The Place For Children to Learn and Experiment.

The Plaza De Luna is only one of several planned monuments in Pensacola, Florida, to mark significant events in Pensacola’s history. Among other notable monuments include the Confederate Veterans of Texas National Museum, Confederate Lodge No. 7, the former Escondido Army Air Base, and the Old Pensacola Jail. With the help of the Pensacola Peninsula Development Corporation (PPDC), which is spearheading these projects, the construction of these new structures will bring much-needed attention to the downtown area of Pensacola, Florida. Other notable facilities under construction in Pensacola include the Pensacola Public Library, Pensacola State Historic Site, Pensacola Beach State Park, and the Pensacola Golf and Country Club are designed to bring more economic development to Pensacola, Florida.