Fort George In Pensacola, Florida – Home Of The American Battle Fort

Fort George in Pensacola, Florida is a well-preserved historic Old Dutch settlement and a primarily residential area. Fort George served as a British military post, bayonet training post, and general headquarters for the British forces in Florida. The army established the settlement around 17 78. Fort George was the home of the first American Rear Admiral William Ford and his family. Learn more here.

Fort George is located on a peninsula between Tampa Bay and Clearwater Beach in Florida. It overlooks the Pee Dee River, and it is the site of one of the critical battles that shaped the history of Florida – the Battle of Pensacola. Fort George was home to many American soldiers during the early years of our country’s history, including men from wagon riding, sharpshooters, riflemen, engineers, and navy personnel. As a part of preparations for the impending invasion of Britain by the United States Army, Fort George was prepared to receive enemy troops and defend itself if necessary. The British forces that landed at Fort George were faced with an American force of nearly two hundred thousand strong. Learn more about Seville Square in Pensacola, Florida – The Perfect Place in Downtown Pensacola.

The American force that landed at Fort George consisted of primary volunteers, and most of them were from the West Indies. Most of them had come over on ships headed for the sea to fight the British. American troops who fought at Fort George were given the name of ‘Pensacola Fighting Ships’ after winning a famous battle. The battle of Fort George served as the forward post for American troops during the Pensacola Campaign.